Tom Costello Alan Rossi VT Champs, Aug 26

Please click Events in the menu bar to see all the standard info about our tournament. Please register online. Entry deadline 8/20.

This year’s tournament (18E019C) is the second year of being the VT State Champs! We will also be going back historically and pulling together VT records, so please let us know what you may know about past stellar performances.

See running order and officials/helpers.

The following people are confirmed for the 2017 tournament:
Darlene McCormick
Bruce Epstein
Brooke Mahan
Eric Dole
Pat Morrill
John Witmer
Bill Putnam
Shannah Pochini
Scott Behner
Louisa Behner
Chet Behner
Kathy Callan
Skip Hommel
Julie Hommel
Derrick St. Laurent
Joyce Dobbertin
Joe Bourgeois
Will Bruzzese
Bill Bruzzese
Karen Bruzzese
Justin Campfield
Abby Campfield
Emma Campfield
Skylar Hathorn
Ben Musty
Seth Chapell
Abe Musty
Dan Lausten
Rui Afonso
Mike Belanger

30 of 30 persons, 90 of 90 pulls.

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