Observer Law

(may have more after 4/26/03 mtg.)

A few Green Mountain Water Skier members have worked hard to change Vermont’s observer law for 3 or 4 years. The proposal is to allow a rear-view mirror to be substituted
for an observer. In a poll of other states, we learned that 22 of 47 responding had a similar law. Carol and Ed Brown wrote an informative letter to our legislators.

Because of this continued unsuccessful effort, we are hoping to have a LARGE membership drive this year. Numbers speakā€”a large membership body is important. The State reps may not think we’re that large a group.

If you would like to be informed of the status, please contact Carol Brown to be put on her e-mail list. Then write to or call your representatives to ask for their support (during the fall,
prior to the legislative session). This failed to pass each year, after all the effort that has been put into it by club volunteers, simply because it was stalled in committee. Please help us gain this necessary flexibility for skiing “pairs.”

Carol had written all 50 states to inquire about their observer laws and 49 responded. Twenty-two states have similar laws. Carol then wrote a letter to our legislators summarizing our request.