Facebook Page and Groups Established

Facebook page established. Note from Darlene: as much as I’m not happy with Facebook being a closed network, it is perhaps the easiest way for people to be informed of ski opportunities, find rides and ski partners, and to connect with the entire group. I have it set up so only friends can post. You can set your own Facebook account to let you get emails from people who post on your wall or pages that you follow.

I also set up two groups, a regular GMWS group and a tournament group. You can request to be added simply by becoming my friend or click “Ask to Join Group” at the upper right side of the group’s page. You can also be added to a group by a friend who is already a member.

Since groups require admin approval for you to join, you may have to wait for an admin to confirm your request. Admins can also block specific people from joining a group.