Okeeheelee Park Vacation April 2000

Bruce & Donna Epstein, Darlene McCormick, Bill Putnam and Pete Plunkett visited this world-class water skiing site in West Palm Beach, Florida for 10 days in April and had a blast!  Mike Tasi, who lives in Florida in the winter, and other local friends joined us for fun on the slalom courses.

Looking north up the Main Course.

Carol, of Dave & Carol (Ohio), relaxing.

Tammy pulling Andy Gordon.

Donna and Billy-Bob, with Patty Austin (Ellie Mae) coming down the hill.

Donna & Bruce, Tracy & Pete Plunkett (from Minnesota).

Bruce, on the Turnpike Course.


Donna, kissing the 2-ball.

Billy-Bob getting ready.

And, not shown, Darlene, the photo-taker, and Mike Tasi, working during the day.

The End!
Hope you enjoyed!