About Slalom Tournaments

The Fun class participants will be pulled in a manner that simulates a Class C round. Fun class participants will get a mulligan, a second chance, if the first pass is incomplete due to falling or missing a buoy.

Skiers should bring their own ski, gloves, life vest and handle to the tournament. A tournament handle is available if you don’t have one.

Skiers should progress to the starting dock about 4 to 6 skiers ahead of their turn. Begin getting ready about 2 or 3 skiers ahead. When the skier ahead of you begins skiing, you should soap your ski and be ready to ski when the boat comes back to the dock.

You will drop at each end of the course and have approx. a 30-second rest between passes. Note the side you pull out on at each end of the course by watching prior skiers.

In a Class C slalom tournament, each pass is harder than the last as the speed is increased or the line is shortened. A skier will typically construct their “round” so that they ski 3 to 5 passes based on their skill, energy level and luck, with 4 passes typically being a very successful round. Work backwards from your best to determine your starting speed and line length. For example, if you can run a 32-mph pass at 15-off the towrope length, but not a 34-mph pass, consider starting at 28-mph. Your round would then be passes at 28.6, 30.4, 32.3 and 34.2 mph at 15-off, to be exact. New skiers do not typically practice at all those speeds, so you might find that 3 passes is all you can do, for example, if 28 mph feels too slow and you decide to start at 30 mph.

A skier may start at “any” combination of speed and rope length. Speed will be increased first to maximum speed and rope will be shortened second. So, for example, if you are a Mens 2 skier and you start at 34 mph and 22-off the towrope (34-22), your second pass will be 36-22 and your third pass will be 36-28.

Let us know if you have additional questions and we may post more here.