The Green Mt Water skiers(GMWS) are a USA Water Ski sanctioned club founded over 40 years ago.  Our members are traditional water skiers.  We do not have any Wake Board members. We have worked with the Legislature to enact water ski bills, and we were involved with the then Water Resources Board in the development of the Use of Public Waters Policy (UPWP) in the 90s which has become the Use of Public Waters Rules (UPWR).  The WRB felt a comprehensive management plan was needed due to increasing conflicts and Petition submissions.  The WRB surveyed all public waters to determine what were the existing uses and where those uses predominated.  The WRB drafted the UPWP and held several public hearings across VT for input.   The adopted UPWP and current UPWR key components are:

*  When conflicts develop on public waters,  petitions are required to document that they contacted affected users and user groups, and document the efforts to resolve the conflict or the Petition would not be accepted.   

*  Separation and/or time of day was to be considered.  

*  The minimum acreage size for high-speed 5 mph motorboat use is 75 acres.

*  The minimum acreage size for personal watercraft (PWC) use is 300 acres.

*  Petitions could request allowing high-speed use under 75 acres, and allow personal watercraft (PWC) under 300 acres.   Successful petitions were granted for slalom course skiing on Lake Lamoille and PWC on Wrightsville Reservoir.

The GMWS does support amending UPWR to include Wake Boating as an existing use since  Wake Boating did not exist in the 90s.   The Responsible Wakes Petition (RWP) proposes using a 1,000 ft from shore, a 20 ft depth minimum protection zone, and Wake Sport Zones as the tools to be utilized.   The data presented is comprehensive.  The GMWS does not refute the documentation provided; however, we feel the 1,000 ft from the shoreline would be very difficult to enforce and does not fit within the existing framework of the UPWR for conflict resolution and management.  The GMWS requests amending UPWR as follows:

*  Establish a minimum acreage size to allow Wake Boating.   Options on size limitations should be included in the DRAFT Amendment for public comment.  For example 300, 500, and 700 acres. The Waterbury Reservoir Petition included three options to limit high-speed motorboat use.  Based on public comments the middle of the road option 2 was adopted.   The RWP does mention that Wake Boating all of the 19 lakes larger than 500 acres that allow over 5mph high speed use the RWP proposed characteristics to support Wake Sport Zones.

*  Get input from the Marine Division of the Department of Public Safety on establishing a distance from shore of 1,000 ft and a minimum water depth of 20 ft for Wake Boating as per RWP.    Allow for waivers for the 1,000 ft providing documentation demonstrating that shoreline erosion, personal property, depth greater than 20 ft for water quality, and public safety will not be impaired.   Currently, waivers can be approved by the Marine Division of the Dept. of Public Safety for the 200 ft requirement for motorboats exceeding 5 mph.

*   Conduct several Public Hearings on the DRAFT Amendment at various locations. Provide a one-year waiting period after the Amended Rules are adopted to allow for Petitions for Wake Boating on Public Waters under the minimum acreage established by the Rules.  

*   Establish a citizen Public Waters Panel within ANR that would review Petitions and make recommendations to the Secretary.  ANR could request applications from the public to get a diverse group of recreational users.  Panel size TBD. 

The GMWS supports fair management and environmental stewardship of our Public Waters.  A Wake Boating minimum acreage size would be consistent with the current management and conflict resolution policies of the UPWR.  The WRB determined minimum acreage sizes for high-speed motorboat and PWC uses where those uses did not predominate.   Minimum Acreage size limits prevented numerous petitions from being filed to limit high speed and PWC uses.  This process is fair since it still allows for petitions to limit high speed and PWC uses on Public Waters over the size minimum.    History has proved the WRB was right on target with a fair process.  

Bruce Epstein, President GMWS


DEC Lakes and Pond Rulemaking

Wake Boat Petition 3/9/22

2018 Wrap-up

Hi Members,

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a great 2019! The Tom Costello/Alan Rossi State Championships was successful with great scores and conditions. Congrats to all our new State Champions (listed below). Thanks to all that volunteered to make our Tournament a success! The Tournament was again a stop on Justin Campfield’s North East Slalom Series, which is a seven stop five state tour that culminates in a head to head cash final. Points awarded are NOPS equalized to level the playing field so everyone has an opportunity to win. For more details visit the NESS website

Our first Junior’s Clinic in July was coached by skiing legend Chris Rossi who graciously volunteered his time. It was great for Juniors to get inspired by Chris’s world class coaching. Thank You Chris! The Clinic was supported by GMWS, Junior Development Alan Rossi funds. Thanks to Justin Campfield and Bill Bruzzese for organizing the event.

Darlene McCormick has decided to retire from competitive waterskiing and her role as our Treasurer. Darlene developed and managed our website, as well as the East Region’s website, She has been dedicated to our sport and club for many years. She will continue as Treasurer until her term expires at our Annual Meeting this May. Thank you Darlene for all your time, effort, and dedication for so many years.

Vermont 2018 State Champs Division Score Speed Buoys
Carter Bruzzese B2 4@LL 19 16
Will Bruzzese B3 1@35off 36 97
Abby Campfield G2 2@LL 21 20
Adam Largess M2 2@35off 36 98
Justin Campfield M3 3@35off 34 93
Eric Dole M4 3@35off 34 93
Joe Bourgeois M5 3.5@32off 34 87.5
Karen Bruzzese W4 3@22off 34 75
Darlene McCormick W6 3@28off 32 75

Our Club is what we make of it. THANKS!

Bruce Epstein, President
13 South Pinnacle Ridge Rd
Waterbury, VT 05676

CELL: (802)272-5324

Annual Meeting Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hi Members,

Our Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, May 8 at our home in Waterbury (address is below). Social time starts at 6:00 pm with Pizza provided. Bring your own beverage. Meeting will commence ~ 6:30 pm. Agenda will include Treasurer’s Report, Election of Officers, Membership status, Club Website, this year’s Tournament/State Championship, Northeast Slalom Series (NESS) Update, State Records, Juniors Clinic Update, the Alan Rossi Award, House Bill H.729 Update, USA Club Liability Insurance, Waterbury Courses Update, and any other items. If you would like any other items added please let me know.
Please confirm if you will attend so we can order enough Pizza. You can email me at address below or respond directly below.

The Tom Costello/Alan Rossi 2nd State Championships was a success, with great scores and conditions at the Wrightsville Reservoir Beach. Congrats to all our new State Champions (listed below). Thanks to all that volunteered your time to make our Tournament a success!

Our 2017 Vermont Champions:

 Abe Musty Boys 1  Abigail Campfield Girls 2
 Will Bruzzese Boys 2  Karen Bruzzese Womens 3
 Seth Chappell Mens 2  Darlene McCormick Womens 5
 Ben Musty Mens 3  Joyce Dobbertin Womens 6
 Bill Bruzzese Mens 4  
 Joe Bourgeois Mens 5  

The Tournament was also a stop on Justin Campfield’s North East Slalom Series, which is a seven stop five state tour that culminates in a head to head cash finals. Points awarded are NOPS equalized to level the playing field so everyone has an opportunity. For more details visit the NESS website

The 2017 Alan Rossi Award went to our own Darlene McCormick. In addition to being our Treasurer and website manager, she also developed/works on the AWSA East website, and works as a Regular Judge and Senior Driver at several tournaments. Darlene is a great skier dedicated to helping skiers. Our Club would not be the same without her dedication. Well Deserved!

Our Club is what we make of it. Please make every effort to attend. THANKS!

Bruce Epstein, President
13 South Pinnacle Ridge Rd
Waterbury, VT 05676
CELL: (802)272-5324

Response to VT Digger Article on WaterSkiing vs. Rowing

You may have heard about the Great Hosmer Pond issue between the scullers and a water skier/camp owner.  Following are links to articles from Seven Days News and Vermont Digger regarding the issue at hand.

What’s important to us is that the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) / Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has started Rule Making with their own process bypassing the Use of Public Waters Rules (UPWR) formerly the Use of Public Waters Policy.  ANR /DEC has been given the responsibility to manage user conflicts on Public Waters.  Why is this important to us?  Water skiing is considered a normal use under UPWR.  To limit water skiing or any other normal use (i.e. quiet use, fishing, etc) a petition must be submitted.  The Petition must explain what the Petitioner has done w/ other users to resolve any issues. Also a rule change needs to be submitted under the specific parameters of the rules (separation, day(s), time of day, speed).  Under UPWR, anyone who feels they want to limit or eliminate water skiing must file a Petition.   On Great Hosmer Pond no petition has been filed. If the ANR/DEC can go straight to Rule Making our rights to the water could easily be in jeopardy.   Under UPWR, a Petition would have to be filed with the Petitioner having to document that they contacted affected users and demonstrate what they did to try to resolve the issue under UPWR section 2 guidelines.  PLEASE READ the UPWR & email below that I sent to ANR/DEC.   The The UPWR can be found at   then click onto Lakes and Ponds on left and go to Quick Links for Use of Public Waters Rules.    You can help by bringing this issue to your local legislators by emailing and/or  calling them.  Go to on the right side of the page to elected officials.  Questions on this matter please call or email me.

Bruce Epstein
Green Mountain Water Skiers – President
CELL:  (802)272-5324
[email protected]

DEC Commissioner Boedecker, ANR Secretary Moore

The Green Mountain Water Skiers (GMWS) have been involved in public water issues for over thirty years.We have worked with the Legislature, other user groups, and individuals to amend state statutes, promote water ski safety, and help resolve conflicts on our public waters.  WE support multi recreational use while recognizing that any public body of water can not necessarily be available to all users all the time.  WE are proud to have been a major player in resolving the conflicts on Waterbury Reservoir that festered through several petitions starting in the late 80s.  The GMWS proposed the idea of Rule Options in a petition submitted to the Water Resources Board (WRB) under the Guidelines of the newly adopted Use of Public Waters Policy (UPWP) .  The Petition was submitted by a coalition of Recreational Users including the GMWS, Friends of Waterbury Reservoir, VT Bass Assoc., VT Personal Water Craft Assoc. and interested individuals.  The new Rules adopted under then Option 2 of the Petition greatly increased the 5 mph/ no wake zones of the Reservoir for quiet use while establishing the siting of 2 water ski courses.  The majority of the Reservoir remained high speed multi recreational use.  The resolution of the intricate user conflicts was made possible by the foresight of the WRB, which was a citizen board.  News of this was spread nation wide that water skiers & quiet users could resolve their differences in VT. 

On behalf of the GMWS, I attempted to contact Commissioner Bodecker’s office yesterday (7/24) about our concern with the Rule Making Procedures for the user conflict resolution on Great Hosmer Pond.  I was informed I could not discuss this subject with her, because the discussions were complete with the involved users. Any comments can only be done by email/letter.  I asked why our organization,which is an effected user group was never contacted?  I was told they could can not contact everyone and there was public notice made.    Comments:

(1)  The GMWS takes issue with the ANR for going to Rule Making w/o following the Use of Public Waters Rules established by State Statute and entrusted to the ANR for their management.  If the ANR proceeds to finalize Rule Making, this will set a  precedent that is potentially harmful to various users of our public waters.  WE believe this is a dangerous slippery slope that will lead to more conflicts and bad decision making.  The original UPWP was established based on the WRB outreach including public hearings held in several locations state wide.  It was the goal of the WRB UPWP “… to provide a basis for both avoiding when possible, and resolving when necessary, conflicts in the use of public waters in a comprehensive and integrated manner so that the various uses may be enjoyed in a reasonable manner, considering the best interests of both current and future generations of the citizens of the State and insuring that natural resource values of the public waters are fully protected.”   WE believe this document has stood the test to time and should not be bypassed  by a State Agency.    The GMWS considers this a breach of public trust.

(2)   Section 2.4 of the UPWR  requires “when establishing either general or specific rules for the use of public waters under 10 VSA Section 1424 the following persons and entities shall be consulted…”  The list includes affected user groups.  Our Organization has never been contact or consulted.  We have a well documented history of involvement on public water issues  for decades. 

(3)  The GMWS recommends the ANR discontinue their current Rule Making process.  We recognize ANR is trying to get the conflicting parties together to resolve their differences, but bypassing the Use of Public Waters Rules the ANR  has been entrusted to use  by establishing new Rule Making procedure is flawed  Public Policy.  The GMWS further recommends that ANR inform the conflicting parties that if they cannot come to a local solution among themselves, a Petition that proposes a specific rule change that fully complies with the provisions UPWR is the only option.  The affected parties should be informed that they are both at risk of being disappointed with the end result if they can not compromise by using the separation, time of day and/or days as tools to resolve their differences.  Different Options could also be provided by joint Petition that would then go to Public Hearing for a fair resolution. This would be very similar to what happened in Waterbury Reservoir.  The frame work for settling this matter has been well established for over 20 years.

Bruce Epstein, President GMWS
CELL:  (802)272-5324

CC:  Hard copy Governor Scott

Boat Winterizing Info, Invasive Species Fundraiser

As Fall is officially upon us according to the calendar I thought I would forward some information pertaining to boat winterization. Kenneth Kajenski who owns Ski Marine in Williston, VT reminded me of the importance to be properly winterizing your boat. He says about 99% of the engines and exhaust manifolds he replaces are due to improper winterization. The antifreeze you use should be a propylene glycol with corrosion inhibitor (Pink Fluid) but there is another Pink Fluid propylene alcohol that should not be used. The propylene alcohol will harden rubber seals and causes corrosion. Check the label to ensure you are getting the right stuff. Never use a toxic antifreeze (green stuff) that you put in your car. The pink stuff for recreational vehicles is bio-friendly.  Kenneth also noted the importance of draining your engine block and exhaust manifolds of water prior to flushing/filling with antifreeze. Just running antifreeze through your engine and hoping it replaces the water is not a good idea. I have also attached some winterizing tips from Discount Inboard Marine. If you would prefer to have someone winterize your boat engine for you please contact Kenneth Kajenski at Ski Marine 1-802-879-2050. He is a member of GMWS.

Many lakes in Vermont have been battling invasive plant and animal species: Most notably is Eurasian Milfoil. The Lake Iroquois Association located in the towns of Hinesburgh/Williston/Richmond is raising funds to help fight the nasty weed and improve the water quality in Lake Iroquois. They are holding a fund raiser on Tuesday, October 4 from 5-9 PM at the Hinesburgh Public House Restaurant. There will be a locally sourced three course Community Supper for an inclusive price of $20.00.   Half of the funds raised will support Lake Iroquois Association efforts to improve Lake Iroquois water quality, including milfoil control.  Support this local business and support beautiful Lake Iroquois. If you can attend you get a great meal for a great price and help support the efforts of the Lake Iroquois Association.

If you have paid your dues for the year thank you. If you have not paid your dues for the year it would be greatly appreciated if you would do so. A mere $10.00 for an individual or a mere $15.00 for a family. You can pay your dues here on our website by sending a check or by credit card through PayPal.

Record breaking summer temperature wise. Sure hate to see it ending. Thanks for being a member of Green Mountain Water Skiers!

Joe Bourgeois
Membership – GMWS

Tournament Results 2015

We had another great season capped by our annual Tom Costello Alan Rossi Slalom Derby tournament.  The weather cooperated again with light winds, sunny skies and temps up near 80.  The day’s best scores was Pat Morrill with 4@38 off 34mph, Bob Radimer 2@38 off 34mph, Bruce Epstein 2@38 off 32mph, Justin Campfield 4@35 off 34mph, and Jon Kusiak 2@35 off 36 mph. For the women Darlene McCormick got 3.5@28 off 32mph.

The day’s real highlights included Joe Bourgeois getting 1.5@35 off 34mph, and the Boys 2 duel between Will Bruzzese and Chase Gulick. This was Joe’s first tournament. Running a pass is the usual measure of success in one’s first tournament, but to get into 35 off is a truly incredible achievement! Big congrats to Joe! The boys put on a great show of their own by getting into 22 off 34mph.  Chase bested Will by one half a buoy with 1.5 @ 22. Both boys exhibited exceptional technique that is reminiscent of Chris Rossi & Jamie Beauchesne at their age. Much appreciation to everyone who worked hard to make our tournament a success.

A big thanks to Fred Costello for yet again providing the t-shirts in memory of Tommy and Alan!

This year’s Alan Rossi Award went to Randy Youngsma. Randy is a past Eastern Regional champ, has put on many tournaments, and has always been a mentor/friend to everyone he’s met, including Alan. We are sure that Alan would be very proud to have Randy the award winner.

Bruce Epstein, President

Bruce Epstein to Compete in World 35+

Our very own GMWS President, Bruce Epstein, will be competing in the World Over 35 Tournament next week at Sunset Lakes in Groveland, FL. Bruce is currently ranked #5 in the world for men 65 and over. Please send good energy his way during the qualifying round on Wednesday and the final on Sunday (see page 6 for schedule).

Bruce placed 2nd at the Nationals in Texas, and Donna placed 5th. Congratulations to both for their skill and consistency (notice the patience on the handle grab in the above photo)! We are truly lucky to have them as resources and friends.

Waterbury Reservoir Water Level in Danger

The Friends of Waterbury Reservoir have noted recent discussion about future management of the water level. A mailing of theirs explains all the detail and this can also be accessed at their “Call to Action” link. GMWS is asking you to either attend the Vt. Dept. of Environmental Conservation’s public information meeting on October 7, 2014, 6:30-8:30 at Thatcher Brook Primary School in Waterbury or write to Jeff Crocker, VT Dept. of Environmental Conservation, 1 National Life Dr., Main 2, Montpelier, VT 05620-3522, and express your concern that the water level be maintained at summer levels as it historically has so that everyone can enjoy the resource.

Tournament 2014

15E016 Tom Costello Alan Rossi Slalom Derby

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Great weather for this year’s tournament. Pat Morrill emerged the victor with a personal best (twice) of 4@38-off! Darlene McCormick was the women’s winner despite Karen Bruzzese’s higher ability. Her son, Will, states that her strategy “isn’t working for her.” We’ll hope for better next year. Scores can be viewed here. Some photos are posted below. Others have been added to the random header images. Send photos if you’d like them included, or become an author and post for yourself.

Alan Rossi Award

The Alan Rossi Award goes annually to the skier/official who best exemplifies the Real Deal spirit of Alan Rossi with a love for our Sport, dedication to tournament skiing, a willingness to help others, and a true friend.  We are very proud to be able to continue the tradition of the Award and the funding of East Region Junior Development along with successful Vermont Clinics that we have had with pro skiers Chris Rossi, Jamie Beauchesne and Nick Parsons.  This could not happen without the generous support from New England ski clubs and individuals.  Contributions to the Alan Rossi Fund can be made by personal check to the Green Mt. Waters Skiers, reference: Alan Rossi Fund. Mail to GMWS, PO Box 877, Waitsfield, VT 065673.

Thank you for your support!!!