Boat Winterizing Info, Invasive Species Fundraiser

As Fall is officially upon us according to the calendar I thought I would forward some information pertaining to boat winterization. Kenneth Kajenski who owns Ski Marine in Williston, VT reminded me of the importance to be properly winterizing your boat. He says about 99% of the engines and exhaust manifolds he replaces are due to improper winterization. The antifreeze you use should be a propylene glycol with corrosion inhibitor (Pink Fluid) but there is another Pink Fluid propylene alcohol that should not be used. The propylene alcohol will harden rubber seals and causes corrosion. Check the label to ensure you are getting the right stuff. Never use a toxic antifreeze (green stuff) that you put in your car. The pink stuff for recreational vehicles is bio-friendly.  Kenneth also noted the importance of draining your engine block and exhaust manifolds of water prior to flushing/filling with antifreeze. Just running antifreeze through your engine and hoping it replaces the water is not a good idea. I have also attached some winterizing tips from Discount Inboard Marine. If you would prefer to have someone winterize your boat engine for you please contact Kenneth Kajenski at Ski Marine 1-802-879-2050. He is a member of GMWS.

Many lakes in Vermont have been battling invasive plant and animal species: Most notably is Eurasian Milfoil. The Lake Iroquois Association located in the towns of Hinesburgh/Williston/Richmond is raising funds to help fight the nasty weed and improve the water quality in Lake Iroquois. They are holding a fund raiser on Tuesday, October 4 from 5-9 PM at the Hinesburgh Public House Restaurant. There will be a locally sourced three course Community Supper for an inclusive price of $20.00.   Half of the funds raised will support Lake Iroquois Association efforts to improve Lake Iroquois water quality, including milfoil control.  Support this local business and support beautiful Lake Iroquois. If you can attend you get a great meal for a great price and help support the efforts of the Lake Iroquois Association.

If you have paid your dues for the year thank you. If you have not paid your dues for the year it would be greatly appreciated if you would do so. A mere $10.00 for an individual or a mere $15.00 for a family. You can pay your dues here on our website by sending a check or by credit card through PayPal.

Record breaking summer temperature wise. Sure hate to see it ending. Thanks for being a member of Green Mountain Water Skiers!

Joe Bourgeois
Membership – GMWS