Annual Meeting Friday, May 3, 2019

CORRECTION: Friday, May 3, 2019

Our Annual Meeting will be Thursday May 2 at Bruce and Donna’s home in Waterbury (address below). Social time starts at 6:00 pm with pizza provided.
Bring your own beverage. The meeting will commence at ~ 6:30 pm. The Agenda will include Treasurer’s report, Election of Offices, Membership Status, Club Website, this year’s Tournament / State Championship, State Records, Junior Clinic Update, the Alan Rossi Award, Waterbury Courses Update, and any other issues. If you would like to add another item please let me know. Please confirm if you will attend so enough pizza can be ordered. My email address is below.

Darlene will be stepping down as our Treasurer. She will be providing our club records along with the checking and PayPal accounts. We need a new Treasurer. I am willing to assist the new Treasurer in getting set up. Our expenditures are almost all tournament expenses. We also manage an Alan Rossi Fund which receives donations from other clubs and individuals. Donations go to the plaque for the Alan Rossi Award winner, Eastern Region Junior Development and possibly some funds towards a GMWS ski clinic. None of this is rocket science. Please seriously consider becoming our new Treasurer and let me know ASAP if you are possibly interested. Please feel free to call me anytime. Our club is what we make of it. Please make every effort to attend. THANK You!

Bruce (802)272-5324

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