Roles & Staffing for Tournaments, Practice, Clinics


C Tournament requirements:
Chief Judge (senior or regular) – Bruce E reg
Chief Boat Driver (senior or regular) – Darlene M sr
Min 3 Reg. Judges – Bruce E, Donna E, Darlene M (sometimes we put Ed Brazil)
Chief Scorer (senior or reg) – Brooke Mahan, Tonya Maurer, Bob Radimer, (Tom Warner, Dan Warner)
Safety Director (State min)- Bruce E State

In advance:
Darlene does club membership and sanction through USA WaterSki.
Bruce solidifies tournament boat and/or tower boat. Usually his and Dan Lausten.
Darlene solidifies drivers. Lately there have been enough.
Bruce and Darlene solidify scorers and laptop with scoring program.
Bill B. is beach contact. Notify us if beach is making food available.
Darlene checks generator operation, fill gas, check oil, test start and run.
Bruce & Donna permit the course(s), get full-season practice sanctioning for both sites, Alan Rossi award/plaque, tournament trophies.
Fred Costello donates T shirts (and sometimes coffee, bagels and donuts).
Fred and/or Bruce may do some advertising/press.
Darlene manages website.

Day(s) before:
Darlene does registration, running order, officials and helpers assignments. Email to distribution.
Bruce and Donna set up course, make repairs.
Weed-wack a path to starting dock. (Is the beach doing this on a regular basis now?)
Get key to beach gate. Darlene on Friday? or Bill B arranges for us to be let in at 7:00.
Justin, Joe and John set up snow fence.
Justin brings table/chairs.
Bruce will get starting dock to tournament.
Bill B. gets tent to tournament site.
Bruce and/or Bill B sets up drop buoys and dock.
Scorer sets up computer.

Day of:
Darlene brings generator, extension cord, soap, duct tape, trash bag, and cooler of ice and water.
Darlene sets up changing tent.
Bruce and Donna bring safety equip, first aid kit, backboard, extra gas in cans, ropes, shock tubes, radios w/ batteries.
Bruce and Bill P. set up tower boat.
Bill B and Justin (iPod) set up PA system, extension cord.
Joe B brings box of coffee.
Couple people needed to set up main tent.
Scorer brings computer.

After tournament:
Promo boat tows dock to launch, retrieved and brought home by Bruce a day later.
Justin takes table/chairs.
Those on-site pick-up and remove small stuff.
Help needed taking down tent and changing tent.
Bruce/Bill go back next day for course, tent, and anything else.

Asset storage:
Bruce–PA system
Rick Duckworth–dock
Bill B–tent
Justin–table and chairs