Minutes 2018

Minutes of Annual Meeting GMWS May 8, 2018 (UNAPPROVED)

Meeting was held at the home of Bruce & Donna Epstein, Friday, May 8 in Waterbury, VT. Present were Bruce and Donna Epstein, Darlene McCormick, Suzi Pike, Joe Bourgeois, Ellen Fay, John Witmer, Jamie Carroll, Justin Campfield, Halle Davis, and Tom Moody. The meeting was called to order by Bruce Epstein (President) at 6:34p.m.

2017 Minutes

Minutes from the 2017 meeting held on May 12, 2017 (unapproved) were available to review on line. Motion to approve passed.

2017 Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was reviewed and accepted. It is available to review on line. Currently we have approximately $3,000 balance. We gained over $400 due mostly to membership fees collected and Alan Rossi donations (no clinic held last year).

Old Business

Justin Campfield will re-visit ordering 4×2 water skier bumper stickers. Motion was approved for $100 to purchase stickers.

Dues: It was motioned and approved that dues for membership remain $10 for individuals and $15 for families. Currently new or existing members can sign up on line for recurring or one-time membership through PayPal, or pay yearly dues by check or cash.

NESS (the Northeast Slalom Series, organized by Justin Campfield) was a success and will continue. Justin stated this year’s format will feature a kid’s and adult division. The Eastern Regional Guidebook has information for those interested in participating.

Election of Officers

A motion was made and accepted to elect the following slate of officers:
President-Bruce Epstein
Vice President-Justin Campfield
Treasurer-Darlene McCormick
Secretary-Donna Epstein
Director Special Events-John Witmer & Ellen Fay
Director Membership Chair-Joe Bourgeois
Director at Large-Suzi Pike

New Business

Ski clinics/tournaments with t-shirts status – the club will host its yearly tournament at Wrightsville Reservoir Aug. 25. Fred Costello has agreed to fund t-shirts again this year.

Justin Campfield has organized a Green Mountain Water Skiers (GMWS) junior development clinic July 12 at Wrightsville Reservoir. Pro skier Chris Rossi will serve as head coach and all Eastern Regional junior skiers are welcome to attend. Justin has secured a $200 contribution from the Eastern Region Junior Development. Darlene requested Justin try to negotiate a larger contribution from the Eastern Region. Justin will draft up a budget and the Board Members will vote on the contribution from GMWS. A sanction fee of $150 will need to be paid to the Eastern Region.

Justin Campfield, our VT Council member, attended the AWSA East Mid Winter Meeting in Jan. 2018. The Board approved $50 for his travel expenses. It was motioned and approved to allow $50 for next year’s winter meeting.

Donna Epstein, current secretary, will be added to the GMWS bank account (replacing Halle Davis) to sign checks.

The 2017 Alan Rossi Award was presented to Darlene McCormick. GMWS, other N.E. ski clubs, and individuals currently contribute to the fund.

A mini-course will be added to one of the Waterbury ski courses, and to the tournament course at Wrightsville Reservoir. A short discussion covered the USA WaterSki addition of scoring for the Grassroots mini-course competitors.

Jamie reported that the Lake Iroquois Assoc. permit to treat milfoil has been delayed.

Bruce contacted USA Waterski about additional club insurance coverage and it was deemed not necessary.

Our club name is currently Green Mountain Water Skiers, Inc., and this is reflected in our bylaws and on our bank account. Our corporate status was terminated by the VT Secretary of State in 1989 due to lack of filing paperwork and fees. Darlene received a 1099K from PayPal reporting credit card income from tournament entries and memberships. She met with a tax accountant to discuss our options regarding filing a tax return with the IRS. Bruce called the IRS to check into our tax status and was told there is no current IRS record of our club. Based on these discussions and a review of our by-laws, Darlene and Bruce recommend the club change our name, establish social club tax status, and update by-laws as follows: 1) change our name to Green Mountain Water Skiers, 2) change our fiscal year to the calendar year, and 3) provide the club with the ability to make decisions by virtual meeting. The by-laws require a 30 day notice must be sent out to club members for by-law vote. The change to social club (501c7) would alleviate the necessity to pay taxes. The club would be required to obtain an EIN# in order to file a tax return. Yearly form 990N would need to be filed. Darlene noted that there would be a $400 fee to the IRS to file the exempt tax status application form 8718. Bruce, Donna and Darlene will follow up with updates to bank account, PayPal profile, and USA WaterSki club membership name.

There was discussion about whether the club should become incorporated or an LLC rather than drop corporate status. Jamie and Tom felt shielding from liability was important. Those board members involved in USA WaterSki tournaments felt the parent organization’s insurance was sufficient since our activities do not fall outside of that coverage. Ellen stated she believes the LLC fee is $35 to the state. Tom and Ellen agreed to evaluate and make a recommendation.

Darlene made a motion to proceed with the exempt filing, with name change according to final Board agreement and member vote. Motion passed unanimously.

Bruce reported on the status of Bill # H7-29. The bill would re-establish a Citizens Board for decision making on the use of Public Waters. Currently the Agency of Natural Resources has that responsibility. The bill has not come to a vote. Our Waterbury Representative Tom Stevens would like to try its passage again next year.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:56 p.m.