Minutes 2018 Virtual

Sent: Friday, June 29, 2018 3:40 PM to email membership distribution as Item 1.

At our recent annual meeting, Board members tackled some issues that have been on the table for years. Full minutes are here:


Many years ago, our Club was set up as a 501c3 corporation but the administrative filings were not kept up to date. We felt it important to change our status so as not to falsely portray ourselves as a corporation. And due to recent changes in IRS regulations, we received a revenue statement from PayPal, increasing the need to take action. The ability to clean up this situation was made easier by having been dropped from the IRS database due to the lack of filings.

We are indeed a social club and fit the category 501c7. Upon your approval vote, we will complete the tasks needed to re-establish in this manner.

In order to accomplish this timely, and due to the low attendance at most annual meetings, we are also proposing the establishment of a virtual meeting so members can more easily participate.

Bylaws have been updated to reflect the name change (dropping “inc”), add an anti-discrimination clause, define the virtual meeting and clarify other meeting types, and change fiscal year to a calendar year. Please review the proposed changes here: http://greenmountainwaterskiers.com/administration/by-laws-rev-814-proposed-changes/

Via this virtual meeting, we request your emailed vote to approve the new bylaws as defined.

In 30 days we will report the tally and if approved will complete the remainder of tasks:

  • Update website with new bylaws.
  • Bruce, Donna and Darlene will file new document(s) with IRS, go to the bank to change name, officer/secretary (Halle to Donna), get new checks.
  • Follow up with USA WaterSki to change name.
  • Follow up with PayPal, to change name, new EIN, to secure non-profit rate and correctness of future paperwork.

Please email your vote: Approve proposed changes or Disapprove proposed changes to:  [email protected]


REPORT Wed 8/8/2018 9:39 AM to annual meeting attendees by Treasurer and Webmaster Darlene McCormick: 15 yes, zero no.