Minutes 2017 (Approved)

Minutes of Annual Meeting GMWS May 12, 2017 (APPROVED)

Meeting was held at the home of Bruce & Donna Epstein Friday, May 12 in Waterbury, VT. Present were Bruce & Donna Epstein, Darlene McCormick, Suzi Pike, Joe Bourgeois, Ellen Fay and John Witmer. The meeting was called to order by Bruce Epstein (President) at 6:49 p.m.

2016 Minutes

Minutes from the 2016 meeting held on May 10, 2015 (unapproved) were available to review on line. Motion to approve passed.

2016 Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was reviewed and accepted. It is available to review on line. Currently we have approximately $2,561 balance. We gained over $400 due mostly to membership fees collected.

Old Business

The club decided not to purchase an AED(automated external defibrillator) due to cost.

We discussed storage of GMWS equipment which at present is divided at the homes of various club members. We decided against purchasing a used trailer to keep equipment in one location. Assets are listed here: http://greenmountainwaterskiers.com/administration/assets-inventory/

Dues: It was motioned and approved that dues for membership remain $10 for individuals and $15 for families. Currently new or existing members can sign up on line for recurring or one-time membership through PayPal, or pay yearly dues by check or cash.

NESS(the Northeast Slalom Series (organized by Justin Campfield) was a success and will continue and expand for this ski year. The Eastern Regional Guidebook has information for those interested in participating.

Election of Officers

A motion was made and accepted to elect the following slate of officers:
President-Bruce Epstein
Vice President-Justin Campfield
Treasurer-Darlene McCormick
Secretary-Donna Epstein
Director Special Events-John Witmer and Ellen Fay
Director Membership Chair-Joe Bourgeois
Director at Large-Suzi Pike

Equipment Rentals

We reviewed that GMWS assets are available for rent to club members at $50/use each, i.e. tent, generator, PA system. All club assets and inventory are available to review on our website here: http://greenmountainwaterskiers.com/administration/assets-inventory/.

New Business

Ski clinics/tournaments with t-shirts status: the club will host its yearly tournament at Wrightsville Reservoir Aug. 26th. Fred Costello has agreed to fund t-shirts again this year. Darlene agreed to check into how the beach wants to collect user fees for our
participants. Bruce Epstein offered to host a ski clinic for those interested. Darlene will check with Becky Bartlett of the Abenaki Ski club about upcoming clinics and the possibility of our club contributing some Alan Rossi funds to those clinics. Darlene McCormick has volunteered to post Vt. State Championship records on our website.

We voted to fund the purchase of a new 4 x 2 water skier sticker suggested by Justin Campfield.

Bruce Epstein will be added to the GMWS account to sign checks.

The 2016 Alan Rossi Award was presented to Skip Hommel. GMWS, other N.E. ski clubs, and individuals currently contribute to the fund.

We discussed a new zero-based slalom rule (see rule 10.06 in the AWSA rule book) that 1) allows skiers to shorten the rope before they get to their maximum speed and receive credit if the pass is completed, and 2) allows skiers to ski above maximum speed in Class C when approved by tournament. We voted to allow.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:44 p.m.