MINUTES 2013 (Approved)

May 18, 2013

Meeting was held at the home of Bruce and Donna Epstein on Saturday, May 18 in Waterbury, Vermont. Present were Bruce and Donna Epstein, Darlene McCormick, Suzi Pike, Joe Bourgeois, and Justin Campfield. The meeting was called to order by Bruce Epstein (President) at 7:00 p.m.

2012 Minutes
Minutes from the 2012 meeting held on May 19, 2012 were approved.
Minutes from the special 2012 fall meeting held on October 26, 2012 were approved.

2012 Treasurers Report
The Treasurer’s report was reviewed and accepted. Currently we have $2764 in treasury, a change in balance of $250. (See Treasurer’s Report for complete accounting of revenues/expenditures.) Donations to the Alan Rossi Fund were $1315, including $540 donations in memory of Mark Rossi. Last year’s tournament showed a loss of approximately the cost of the bubble buoys and would otherwise have broken even. The number of free entries was higher than normal due to some out-of-region officials, and the club paid the parking fees for participants. Membership collections were high again.

Old Business

Dues – It was motioned and approved that dues for membership remain $10 for individuals and $15 for families.

Election of Officers – A motion was made and accepted to elect the following slate of officers:
President- Bruce Epstein
Vice President- Justin Campfield
Treasurer- Darlene McCormick
Secretary- Donna Epstein
Director, Special Events- Mike Nelson
Director at Large- Suzi Pike
Director, Membership Chair- Joe Bourgeois

Courses discussed- Wrightsville, Iroqouis, Waterbury, Marshfield.

Discussion was held of the interest and success of last year’s clinic at Wrightsville Resevoir on Friday, August 28, conducted by Nick Parsons. We had 14 member attendees who each paid $30 for excellent coaching. GMWS contributed $40 for each skier funded from the Alan Rossi Fund.

New Business

The club will again host one ClassC/Fun class tournament at Wrightsville beach on August 24, limited to 80 pulls – skier can chose two or three rounds.

Discussed having the club pay $35 grassroots fee for its fun skier entries vs. offering free entry for first six fun skiers who enter the tournament. Decided not this year.

Discussed sending email to Chris Rossi that funds are available to again sponsor local clinics or other ideas he might have. Bruce Epstein volunteered to handle.

Discussed possible safety issues with bubble buoys currently being used in our tournament course (one of our participants was injured at last year’s event). Bruce Epstein will look into matter. We could sell bubble buoys and purchase another type.

Darlene discussed changing by-law to allow spending guidelines to be determined at annual meeting. Also to amend by-law that allows majority of board members to be present at annual meeting to vote on changes instead of needing a quorum of members. She suggested only 15 days notice of meeting required but board felt it should be left at 30. She will summarize proposed changes and distribute for review.

Proposal made and accepted for club to pay user parking fee at our Wrightsville tournament August 24 and in future years.

Joe discussed exploring ways to entice more skier and spectator participation for our tournament. A learn-to-ski community day was also discussed.

Joe suggested giving members a special decal or sticker when renewing their yearly membership and will develop an approach. Justin volunteered to help with that.

Motion was made and approved to adjourn meeting at 9:09 p.m.