Minutes 2012 (Approved)

May 19, 2012

Meeting was held at the home of Bruce and Donna Epstein on Saturday, May 19 in Waterbury, Vermont
People in attendance:
Bruce & Donna Epstein, Darlene McCormick, Suzi Pike, Bill Roll, Mike Nelson.
The annual meeting was called to order by Bruce Epstein (President) at 6:30 pm.

2011 Minutes
Minutes from the 2011 annual meeting held on May 21, 2011 were approved.

2011 Treasurers Report
The Treasurer’s report was reviewed and accepted. Last year’s tournament made > $200. The Alan Rossi Fund line item should be -$100 annually once our $100 donation is passed along with those that others contributed. This year we did not donate Connie Rossi’s $500 to the Eastern Region Junior Development program in favor of keeping it available for local clinics or events. The reason for the net $300 (rather than $400) is because we forwarded a late contribution from 2010. Donations of $583.90 were collected and donated to the Eastern Region Junior Development program in addition to the club contribution. Between $500 and $600 in memberships were collected. 2011 change in balance was almost $800; currently > $2500 in treasury.

Old Business

PayPal account is now set up. Members can set up a recurring membership. Account is set up as business account with very small fees in the neighborhood of 3-5% assessed per transaction. Online tournament registration through USA WaterSki will be set up in the near future. Cannot accept donations.

Election of Officers – A motion was made and passed to elect the following slate of officers:
President – Bruce Epstein
Vice President – Bill Roll
Treasurer – Darlene McCormick
Secretary – Donna Epstein
Director, Special Events – Mike Nelson
Director at Large – Suzi Pike
Director, Membership Chair – Joe Bourgeois

Need to change bank account documentation of officers on the account to remove Halle Davis and add Donna Epstein.

Dues – It was motioned and approved that dues for membership remain $10 for individuals and $15 for families.

Courses discussed – Marshfield, Wrightsville, Waterbury (one) courses up.

New Business

PR for tournament: Froggy possibly being contacted to attend and do a remote and announce; WCAX, Chamber of Commerce, newspapers. Mike Nelson has agreed to head up PR. Bill Bruzzese is to check on food arrangements. Suggestion to take pictures, i.e. skier with pros, etc.

Discussed changing format of next year’s tournament, limit to two rounds, limit entries. Discussion of ways to be more efficient in running tournament. Discussed making an efficient dock management system, rope arm to go along with dock starters. Discussed angling snow fence near bridge to disperse backwash to run tournament more efficiently. Bill Roll mentioned opening up the flat area by the dock, improving path, with caution for erosion control. We suggested caution regarding what beach might allow.

Discussed sponsoring clinic, perhaps day before tournament, organized by Chris Rossi.

Contributions appreciated from skiers who use various courses. Individuals are funding courses throughout state.

Discussion about changing dues: decided to keep them the same.

Motion was made and approved to adjourn meeting at 8:30 pm.