Minutes 2010 (Approved)

May 22, 2010
Meeting was held at the home of Bruce and Donna Epstein on Saturday, May 22 in Waterbury, Vermont
People in attendance:
Bruce & Donna Epstein, Darlene McCormick, Suzi Pike, Joe Bourgeois, Marc Segal.
The annual meeting was called to order by Bruce Epstein (President).

2009 Minutes
Minutes from the 2009 annual meeting held on May 16, 2009 were approved.

2009 Treasurers Report
The Treasurer’s report was reviewed and it was noted that the 2009 Tom Costello/Alan Rossi Tournament that is hosted by GMWS generated funds of approximately $900 that covered all costs of hosting the tournament and then some.

Donations of $610 were collected to be donated to the USA Water Ski Junior Development program in the name of Alan Rossi.

We had an increase in memberships during 2009 and achieved our goal of re-establishing a balance of over $1,000 in cash reserves. Our account currently has a balance of $1,200.65.

Treasurer’s report was approved.

Old Business
There was considerable discussion on how we can increase membership in GMWS. There is concern that if we do not increase the number of members we will not have much of a voice when it comes to protecting and enhancing our rights and use of public water ways. One suggestion that was discussed was to add any person who participates in the Tom Costello/Alan Rossi Memorial Tournament who is not a current member of GMWS as an associate member of GMWS so that they will receive communications from the group and hopefully become future members.

We need assistance in getting all members of GMWS to recruit other water skiers to join our group. This will be addressed in our annual membership campaign.

It was suggested that we consider sending membership cards and possibly a window decal to all paying members in the future. Costs of doing this will be researched by Joe Bourgeois.

New Business
It was motioned and approved that dues for membership remain $10 for individuals and $15.00 for families.

The entry for the 2010 Tom Costello/Allan Rossi tournament will be as follows:
$40.00 for the sanctioned portion of the tournament and $20 for the Fun/Junior events.
Late entries are no longer accepted.

It was discussed that the tournament fee for 2011 may need to increase due to an increase in costs associated with hosting the tournament. The Treasurer and President will evaluate and discuss further to determine if and how much of an increase may be needed for 2011.

Special Events:
A barbeque hosted by GMWS was suggested. A site and date for this event will be determined by John Witmer and Joe Bourgeois and further communication will be sent to all members.

Bruce Epstein will be hosting water ski clinics by appointment. The fee associated with these clinics is as follows: $15.00 per slalom round if Bruce uses his boat. $0 for a slalom round if skier uses their own boat. Clinic must be by appointment only.

Waterbury Ski Courses:
The ski courses at the Waterbury Reservoir are owned and maintained by Bruce and Donna Epstein. If you frequent the Waterbury Reservoir and use these ski courses it was suggested that making a monetary donation to Bruce and Donna would certainly be in order. Any donations that someone would like to make to Bruce and Donna could be included with membership payment.

A suggestion was made to see if we could include online membership payment on our website. Darlene McCormick will look into getting this accomplished.

Election of Officers – A motion was made and passed to elect the following slate of officers:
President – Bruce Epstein
Vice President – Halle Davis
Treasurer – Darlene McCormick
Secretary – Donna Epstein
Director, Special Events – John Witmer
Director at Large – Susie Pike
Director, Membership Chair – Joe Bourgeois

Safety Officer – Bruce Epstein

Motion was made and approved to adjourn meeting at 8:35 PM.