Minutes 2009 (Approved)

May 16, 2009
Held at the home of Bruce & Donna Epstein, Waterbury, Vermont
Present: Bruce & Donna Epstein, Darlene McCormick, Suzi Pike, Sara Pike, Bill Roll, Tony Telensky, Joe Bourgeois, Paul Frascoia, Deb Hanley, Meghan Hanley, Bill Bruzzese.
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. All members introduced themselves and new members were welcomed.


The minutes of the May 24, 2008 Annual Meeting were approved.


The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and it was noted that our account has decreased by $253.39 due to purchase of safety equipment and Alan Rossi donation to Junior Development in 2008. The slalom tournament broke even. We had a beginning balance of $827.00 and the balance as of 5/16/09 was $573.61 Our goal is to replenish our funds to maintain a minimum balance of at least $1,000. The Treasurer’s report was approved.


The slalom tournament will be held at Wrightsville on Saturday, August 29, 2009. Bill will look into having it sited in the no wake zone by the beach. The “Fun” and “Junior” event fees will be $20.00 and entry to the sanctioned portion of the tournament will be $40.00. All are subject to an additional $5.00 “late fee”. The late fee is assessed to motivate timely entry, as re-shuffling the schedule with last minute additions is difficult.

Bruce mentioned that he and Donna could use help putting the dock in and putting up the tent on Friday afternoon. They also encouraged a boat owner to run a practice session on Friday late afternoon or evening. They advised that it is customary to charge $15.00 for a practice session for four to six passes through the course.

Equipment Storage and Repairs:
Bruce mentioned that the club owned slalom course needs one minor arm repair that he thinks he has the materials to perform. The equipment is being stored by Bob and Val at their home in Waterbury.

Skier to Skier:
Bruce reminded everyone to participate in the skier-to-skier network that was begun last year.


Election of Officers – A motion was made and passed to elect the following slate of officers:
President – Bruce Epstein
Vice President – Halle Davis
Treasurer – Darlene McCormick
Secretary – Donna Epstein
Director, Special Events – John Witmer
Director at Large – Deb Hanley
Director, Membership Chair – Joe Bourgeois

Safety Officer – Bruce Epstein

Proposed 2009 budget:
We discussed the goal to raise the cash position back to $1,000 by focusing on collection of dues. A motion was made and approved to raise the dues to $10.00 for a single membership and $15.00 for a family.

Tournament participation:
A motion was approved to require that all slalom tournament entrants be members of their state’s club or association.

There was a discussion of holding an official US Junior Development Clinic and it was determined there was not enough need to hold one in Vermont. However, Bruce volunteered to teach a clinic if there is enough local interest. Bruce will advertise a date in the future.

A motion to adjourn was made and approved at 8:40 PM.