Minutes 2008 (Approved)

May 24, 2008
Held at the home of Bruce & Donna Epstein

Present: Phil Cutting, Halle Davis, Bruce & Donna Epstein, Craig Mayo, Darlene McCormick, Jim Nye, Suzi Pike, Tony Telensky, John Witmer.

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 pm. All members introduced themselves and new members were welcomed.


The minutes of the May 19, 2007 Annual Meeting were read and approved.


The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and it was noted that our account has decreased $883. We had a beginning balance of $1,710.17 and the balance as of 5/24/08 was $827.00. Our goal is to replenish our funds to maintain a minimum balance of at least $1,000.


Equipment Repairs – Repairs to the slalom course were discussed and Bruce offered to make those necessary for the tournament without significant expense to the club.

Tournament (date, grassroots, safety equipment) – Our annual tournament will be held on Saturday, August 23. Bruce explained the history of the slalom derby and the contributions made by Tom Costello and Alan Rossi to our sport and club. Darlene addressed some changes we need to make to be in line with the grassroots tournament guidelines of the AWSA. Halle will order t-shirts for the tournament. Bruce will call Fred Costello about adding Alan’s name to the back of the t-shirt.

We reviewed the needs for additional safety equipment. Bruce will purchase a head stabilizer for the backboard with the maximum of $200 that was approved for this item at last year’s meeting.


Election of Officers – A motion was made and passed to elect the following slate of officers:
President – Bruce Epstein
Vice President – Darlene McCormick
Treasurer – Halle Davis
Secretary – Val Smith
Safety Officer – Bruce Epstein
Special Events – Phil Cutting
Director at Large – Donna Epstein
Membership Chair – John Witmer

Dues – The motion to keep dues at $6 per individual and $10 per family was passed.

Junior Development Clinic – Bruce & Darlene have discussed hosting a clinic but there are many variables. It is in the early stages of planning and Bruce will take the lead.

Website Inquiries – Darlene receives about 6-8 per year. She has not been responding to them but she has been forwarding them to Board for response.

Correspondence – Darlene read the following emails:

  • from Terrence Fogarty thanking us for a good tournament in 2007
  • from Dan Kimball regarding Comerford Reservoir course on Connecticut River
  • there is now a course on Joe’s Pond

Membership Drive – Bruce will send an email to all members on our list to try to increase our membership.

Next year’s meeting date – we will pick a date at that time.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.