Minutes 2007 (Approved)


President Darlene McCormick started the meeting at 5:03 p.m. at the Best Western in Waterbury. Attendance was taken. Officers Darlene McCormick, Bruce Epstein, Halle Davis, Valerie Smith, and Donna Epstein were present along with Fred Costello and several other members.

The minutes of the May 13, 2006 meeting were reviewed. A motion to approve the minutes was seconded and unanimously approved.

It was noted that $160 was made at the Tom Costello Tournament and that membership dues covered the loss incurred by the Barefoot Blast. The ending balance was noted at $1,710.17. A motion to approve the report was seconded and unanimously approved.

Tournament. This year’s tournament will be held on Saturday, August 25, following the same format at last year. “Unsanctioned” juniors and newcomers will have an entry fee of $20 plus $10 for onsite registration including GMWS membership.

Waterbury Reservoir Status. Bruce reported that a course has been put in on the Blush Hill side. A second course site was approved several years ago and, at the option of the club, can be put in north of the campground on the western shore.

Banquet Agenda. Tonight’s banquet agenda was finalized. A moment of silence for Alan Rossi will be held before the dinner. After dinner, State Representative Sue Minter, will review the history of Bill H.81, the observer law; and read the Governor’s Proclamation honoring Sid Davis and all that he has done for water skiing in Vermont.
Other guests and family will also honor Sid with awards, stories and pictures of Sid’s skiing history.

Equipment. Bruce proposed the purchase of a head stabilizer for our backboard, which he estimated at approximately $100. Discussion was held and a motion made to allow Bruce to spend up to $200 for the needed equipment. Unanimously approved.

Election of Officers. Donna moved that the slate of officers remain the same as last year. A motion to accept the slate was seconded and unanimously approved.
President: Darlene McCormick
Vice President: Bruce Epstein
Treasurer: Halle Davis
Secretary: Valerie Smith
Safety: Officer Bruce Epstein
Special Events: Phil Cutting
Director-at-Large: Donna Epstein
Membership Chair: John Witmer

Proposed Budget. Halle proposed that we follow a budget similar to the 2006 budget and endeavor to keep the treasury above $1,000. Seconded and unanimously approved.

Dues. Motion presented to keep the dues the same. Unanimously approved.

Banquet Expenses. A motion was presented to subsidize the individual cost of tonight’s meal as well as include the cost of this year’s membership in the $20 banquet charge. Discussion was held. The motion was carried. The meal cost was $18.45 per person with a guarantee of 40 dinners. Therefore GMWS paid a portion of tax and tip and absorbed the membership dues.

Remembering Alan Rossi. It was proposed that we rename our tournament the “Tom Costello/Alan Rossi Slalom Derby.” Unanimously approved. Darlene will contact the AWSA with the new sanctioned name.

Fred Costello donated $300 for t-shirts for the derby, which will include Tom and Alan’s names. It was suggested that 50 shirts be ordered. Halle will be in charge of ordering the t-shirts.

Darlene presented a motion to allocate $100 yearly to junior development in the eastern region in memory of Alan. It was also suggested that the Dubies Pond and the New England Slalom Championship tournaments also be asked to contribute. Unanimously approved.

Bruce suggested that an “Alan Rossi award” be established. Discussion was held on the format of the award, possible criteria, and region it might cover. Input will be encouraged from other Northeast skiers. Bruce, Darlene, Donna and Val have volunteered to work on the award.

Portable Garage. Darlene has been storing GMWS’s 10’ X 20’ tented structure and suggested that it be sold on Ebay by her assistant for a commission as it isn’t being used. It was suggested that it be sold for $100 or best offer. Motion made and carried.

Other. Darlene suggested that a review of Article 8, Section 4 of our bylaws, which defines what constitutes a quorum, be made. Bruce made a motion that Darlene examine this particular bylaw and make suggestions for its modification at next year’s meeting.

Next Year’s Meeting. The format and location will be decided at a future date.

Motion to adjourn at 6:12 p.m. seconded and unanimously approved.

Minutes prepared by Valerie Smith, Secretary