Minutes 2006 (Approved)


The annual meeting was opened at 6:42 at the home of Bruce and Donna Epstein with 16 members present.

Present: Darlene McCormick, Woody Dugan, Bruce & Donna Epstein, Bob & Val Smith, Halle Davis, John Witmer, Mike Hopwood, Kim Dugas, Jim Nye, Phil Cutting, Jamie Carroll, Gene Scaperotta, Ralph Venezia, …

The minutes of the May 7, 2005 meeting were reviewed and a change was made to the reservoir depth. A motion to approve the amended minutes was seconded and unanimously approved.

Darlene indicated that the beginning balance was $1,329.12; ending balance $1,480.84; $122 in membership dues collected in 2005. A loss of $125 was realized from the cancellation of the 2005 Barefoot Blast due to bad weather, and an outstanding balance of $69 from the 2004 Barefoot Blast was noted. A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was seconded and unanimously approved.


Observer Law (Bill H.81)

Bruce reported that the bill has passed the legislatures and is presently on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature, which may take up to two weeks.

To be exempt from the current observer law while skiing in the course, the driver must be at least 18 years of age and the boat must be a tournament-approved boat.

Bruce thanked the many members and the legislators for their efforts to get the bill passed. He will see that letters of thanks be sent Sue Mintor, Phil Scott, John Westman, and John Massa and others for their help with the Bill.

Bruce asked that any members using the course at Waterbury make a donation for its maintenance. The water level is currently at 549.5 feet, which will be raised some time this summer.

In June floodgate repairs should begin and be completed in a couple of years. It is not anticipated that skiing will be affected.


· Barefoot Blast July 8 (& 9 if needed)
· Tom Costello Classic August 26 (Wrightsville)

*Note: Our two tournaments have been combined to accommodate the smaller number of participants. Also, a decision could be made a week or two in advance to change the “Tom Costello Classic” back to Waterbury if the water level is favorable.

Bruce explained that an anchor has been purchased and that other expenses such as new buoys may be necessary.

The fees for the tournament will be $35 paid at least a week in advance and $40 late entry. Discussion was held on the entry fees for juniors (those under 18 years of age) and “fun” skiers.

Phil moved that “unsanctioned” newcomers and juniors be charge $20 for advance payment and $25 + $10 for onsite registration, which would include GMWS membership. Motion seconded and unanimously approved.

Discussion of tournament refreshments resulted in a decision to have water and a “box of Joe” on hand.

Discussion was held about inviting the wake boarders to join GMWS to strengthen our lobbying effort. The discussion was tabled for further consideration. Discussion was held regarding renting club equipment to members and outside groups.

Halle moved that we would rent our club equipment to other clubs that are members of USAWS and that put on a sanctioned event. Club members may also rent the equipment. The Board would be given the authority to decide if a club meets our criteria. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Halle suggested that guideline for slalom course use and general boating etiquette be shared with other skiers and course users.

Darlene reminded us that our membership form might be completed and submitted on line with the payment sent in separately. Or, the form can be printed and sent in with membership payment.

John & Kelly picked up about 100 new names from the wakeboard tournament on Lake Champlain last September 12th. We do not have these yet.

Bruce and Bob will get together to arrange for the storage of club chairs and tables. It was decided that the Smiths or the Epsteins would price lighter folding tables available from Costco, which would replace the older, heavier ones. A majority vote of the Board would approve the special expenditure.

Darlene indicated that members, who wished not to receive GMWS e-mails thereby reducing chances of receiving spam, should let her know. GMWS information can also be found at awsaeast.org under AWSA Eastern Region Forums, which is a shared information site. Also noted—only Board members have access to the member email list.


Bruce volunteered to write a newsletter to keep members abreast of such things as the Reservoir, the observer law, pictures, etc. Members will be encouraged to contribute and submit to Bruce or Darlene.


Article IV Section 1, Election of Officers
The following slate of officers 2006-2007 was presented. Motion to accept the slate was seconded and unanimously approved:

President Darlene McCormick
Vice President Bruce Epstein
Treasurer Halle Davis
Secretary Valerie Smith
Safety Officer Bruce Epstein
Special Events Phil Cutting
Director-at-Large Donna Epstein
Membership Chair John Witmer

Article VI Section 1, Proposed Budget, The Treasurer moved that a budget similar to the 2005 budget be approved, that we strive to keep the balance above $1,000, and that special expenditures be allowed that are proposed at annual and/or regular meetings. Seconded and unanimously approved.

Article VII Section 1, Dues, Darlene moved that dues remain at $6 and $10, with cash and checks accepted. Seconded and unanimously approved.

After discussion, membership decided to pay $10 each for this year’s banquet meal.

The suggestion was made and accepted to keep the same meeting format. The Epsteins generously volunteered their home as the site of the 2007 annual meeting.

Motion to adjourn at 8:48 seconded and unanimously approved.

Minutes prepared by Valerie Smith.