Minutes 2005 (Approved)

Minutes from 2005 Green Mountain Water Skiers Annual Meeting (Approved)
Arvad’s, Waterbury, Vermont
May 7, 2005

Present: Darlene McCormick, Bruce & Donna Epstein, Bob & Val Smith, John Witmer, Rick & Dale Duckworth, John Ebert, Kelly Churchill, Mike Hopwood, Kim Dugas, Tom Papp. President Mark Dingeman unable to attend.

Meeting called to order at 8:20 p.m. by Treasurer Darlene McCormick

2004 Minutes
Motion to approve May 8, 2004 Minutes, seconded, unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Darlene McCormick explained that the report is organized to show revenues and corresponding expenses for each activity so that activity profitability can be checked. The following points were noted.

  • There are a few 2003 carryovers and late journal entries.
  • Money from 2004 Barefoot Blast not yet received from Joe Malenfant by meeting time.
  • Reservoir Dogs tournament profits down due to poor attendance/bad weather.
  • Membership Dues — We’d rather have #’s than $’s in order to continue pursuing the observer law changes.
  • $146 in membership dues collected in 2004.
  • Balances are inline with the past 4 years.
  • Tournament attendance is down.
  • Motion to approve treasurer’s report, seconded, unanimously approved.

Old Business

Waterbury Status:
Bruce reported that Waterbury water level will be same this year, 849.5 feet (amended at 2006 meeting to 549.5 feet), which is good for skiing. Dam repair is progressing at the expected time frame. Some time in 2005 the water level will be back to a high level. There will be tests of the repairs, so expect a 20’ fluctuation. 2 courses will be in place.

Bruce sold the Accusink course due to lack of use/bad condition. (Personal property)

Bruce noted that ~$20 will be needed to repair other equipment this year and more next year for anchors and additional repairs.

Tournament Dates
Slalom Derby June 25
Barefoot Blast July 9 (& 10 if needed)
Reservoir Dogs August 20 at Blush Hill

Tom Costello Memorial tournament
Bruce motioned that one of the 2006 tournaments be renamed. Seconded, unanimously approved.

Observer Law
Bill was sponsored again and testimony was presented. The committee did not take a vote. In informal discussion with Rep. Brooks and Lobbyist Scholdice after the meeting, it was noted that giving the committee some options such as requiring a boater safety course with use of a mirror and/or a minimum age might help them feel more comfortable in voting positively. The main concern is DWI and public safety. The idea of making boats using slalom courses exempt from the current law was also discussed and may be better received.

Kelly will work with Bruce on this. Rep Sue Mintor is in favor of our change request. Kelly will put some ideas and/or a plan together to begin earlier support for observer bill for next year, noting that by November we are all out of skiing mode and out of contact with each other.

Membership Drive
John & Kelly picked up about 100 new names from the wakeboard tournament on Lake Champlain last September 12th. Darlene will update master list.

Storage space for our equipment.
Dock at Bob & Val’s. Bins, tables and chairs at Darlene’s. Generator and tent at Bruce’s. We now have an inventory list, thanks to Bob.

New Business

Article IV Section 1, Election of Officers
President – Bruce Epstein
Vice-president – John Witmer
Treasurer – Darlene McCormick
Secretary – Tom Papp
Safety Officer – Bruce Epstein
Special Events – Joe Bourgeois
Director-at- Large – John Ebert
Membership Chair – Kelly Churchill

Article VI Section 1, Proposed Budget
The Treasurer moved that a budget similar to this year’s budget be approved, with similar line items, striving to keep the account balance above $1,000 after tournament expenses are recouped with revenues, and allowing for special expenditures to be proposed at annual and/or regular meetings of the club. Seconded, unanimously approved.

Article VII Section 1, Darlene moved that dues remain $6 and $10, with cash and checks accepted.

A motion was made to pay an 18% dinner gratuity from the club treasury, seconded, unanimously approved, for $53.00.

Next Years Meeting
The suggestion was made to hold next year’s meeting at Bruce’s or Marsala’s.

Motion to end meeting at 8:56 p.m., seconded, unanimously approved.