Minutes 2004 (Approved)

Minutes from 2004 Green Mountain Water Skiers Annual Meeting (Approved)
Arvad’s, Waterbury, Vermont
May 8, 2004 (Posted 5/15/04, Approved 5/7/05)

Present: Mark Dingeman & Antonia, Bruce & Donna Epstein, John Witmer, Heather Hennessey, Paul Frascoia, Tom Papp, Steve Pakulski, Joe Bourgeois, Darlene McCormick, John Ebert, Cathy Molloy, Kelly Churchill

Meeting called to order at 8:14 p.m. by Treasurer Darlene McCormick

2003 Minutes
Motion to approve April 26, 2003 Minutes, seconded, unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Darlene McCormick explained that the report is again organized to show revenues and corresponding expenses for each activity so that activity profitability can be checked. The following points were noted.

  • No contribution was received from Vermont Slalom Derby last year and treasurer didn’t notice until preparing for the meeting. Members agreed that $100 should be collected for last year. The fee covers use of facilities such as dock and tent and a portion of the Club Membership fee to USA Water Ski.
  • $25.00 from Barefoot Blast that Joe Malenfant overlooked when sending remainder of checks, sent in separate envelope not yet received by meeting time
  • Misunderstanding by Treasurer what $170.01 course expenses were for. Members attempted to reimburse the Club thinking it was for the practice course. Discussion ensued. That $100 will be paid through to Bruce.
  • $10.00 extra in revenue, Res. Dogs
  • Treasurer found $22.00 in undeposited dues, reimbursed self for current year’s domain renewal, partial $7.00 reimbursement toward next year’s domain renewal to make report balance
  • $150.00 pending to Bruce for payment of Club Membership and additional insured.
  • Last line of report is adjusted balance after Bruce is reimbursed, net loss of $55.61
  • A motion was made to pay Bruce the $100 extra deposited, altering report to reflect this, seconded, unanimously approved.
  • Motion to approve treasurer’s report, seconded, unanimously approved.

Motion was made to allow a $100.00 budget for course maintenance each year, seconded, unanimously approved.

Old Business

Waterbury Status:
Bruce reported that Waterbury water level will be same this year, 849.5 feet, which is good for skiing. Dam repair is progressing at the expected time frame. Some time in 2005 the water level will be back to a high level.

There is a proposal to by one of the state offices to establish a constant year-round level of 5 to 10 feet below normal high water for the apparent purpose of not having to adjust 40 feet down in the winter. Several members questioned the logic if 40 feet has always been the approx. necessary amount to capture spring runoff. If only 10 feet down, water may pass over the dam too rapidly.

Bruce and other members noted that topics such as this are the reason why we need interested members to assist in the protection of boater’s and skier’s rights.

Kelly noted that if our name was more encompassing such as Green Mountain Water Sports, we may receive interest from other sports disciplines. Darlene posed the question to Bruce if fishermen were interested in same topics, answer–some. Minimal discussion on name of club, too broad may not be desired either.

Wrightsville Status:
Alan reports in advance of the meeting course maintenance is done at Wrightsville and is up and running.

Tournament Dates
Slalom Derby June 26
Barefoot Blast July 10 (& 11 if needed)
Reservoir Dogs August 21 at Blush Hill

Bruce reported on a call received from Bill and Karen Bruzzese about having a Tom Costello Memorial tournament. Mark Dingeman refreshed us on the novice tournament we used to have the day after the Class C Reservoir Dogs, and on the fewer officials required and trained drivers allowed. There was some interest from members. Bruce will put Joe B and any other interested parties in touch with Bill & Karen.

Darlene noted that last year after discussion we voted to consider the Reservoir Dog’s our Vermont State Championship and then neglected to do so. We will plan to do so this year. Mark noted that he normally provides some results to the guidebook and did so from RD tournament last year. He has easier access to our results than Vermont Slalom Derby, and it is later in the year so people perform better.

Observer Law
Bill was sponsored again and testimony was presented. The committee did not take a vote. In informal discussion with Rep. Brooks and Lobbyist Scholdice after the meeting, it was noted that giving the committee some options such as requiring a boater safety course with use of a mirror and/or a minimum age might help them feel more comfortable in voting positively.

Topic of membership drive came up again during observer law discussion. Volunteers’ time availability is key issue. Emailed notices suggesting that contacting reps will help leave members wondering how much effort to spend individually. Kelly offered idea of signing petitions or members writing letters. Bruce noted that individual rather than identical letters were more effective, and spontaneous testimony rather than prepared testimony seems to be better received. Kelly will put some ideas and/or a plan together to begin earlier support for observer bill for next year, noting that by November we are all out of skiing mode and out of contact with each other.

Membership Drive
John Ebert volunteered to make some calls from the list. Darlene will email it to John and Kelly when updated.

Storage space for our equipment.
Everything at Bob & Val’s still except for portable “garage” at Darlene’s. It was noted that we don’t have an inventory. Darlene said she would ask Bob to make one.

New Business

Article IV Section 1, Election of Officers
After asking if anyone wanted to be Secretary and hearing none, Darlene moved a slate of officers as follows:
President – Mark Dingeman
Vice-president – Paul Frascoia
Treasurer – Darlene McCormick
Secretary – Darlene McCormick
Safety Officer – Bruce Epstein
Special Events – Joe Bourgeois
Director-at- Large – John Ebert

The motion was seconded. Paul indicated that he didn’t want to be VP. John Witmer volunteered. Darlene moved an amendment to the slate for John Witmer VP. Amendment seconded and approved. Amended motion approved.

Vice-president – John Witmer

Article VI Section 1, Proposed Budget
The Treasurer moved that a budget similar to this year’s budget be approved, with similar line items, striving to keep the account balance above $1,000 after tournament expenses are recouped with revenues, and allowing for special expenditures to be proposed at annual and/or regular meetings of the club. Seconded, unanimously approved.

Article VII Section 1, Darlene moved that dues remain $6 and $10, with cash and checks accepted.

Darlene reported that Northfield Savings Bank created a nonprofit account type and converted us.

Darlene noted again that two water ski friends passed away this year, Tom Costello and Joe Livendale. She read an email note that Sid sent about Joe’s life, and passed around an address where contributions can be made.

Also noted that Sid Davis had stroke and was unable to attend meeting. Suzy Dees reports that full recovery is anticipated.

A motion was made to pay a 20% dinner gratuity from the club treasury, seconded, unanimously approved, for $50.00.

Website emails
Darlene noted miscellaneous emails received and not always knowing how to handle them. Kelly noted that he runs a ski school and can field certain questions. Darlene will attempt to post these on the site in the news section when received.

General discussion shifted back to increasing membership and offering more events. Kelly may have some ideas to propose. As members’ time permits, some are inclined to host additional events such as learn-to-ski days or fundraisers. The day after the Reservoir Dogs tournament was identified as a possible good date for a fun or novice tournament, reflecting some of the discussion above. Some members suggested marketing our events to marinas and boat and ski shops. A motion was made that if any member wanted to propose an event that a meeting of the board would be called to review and vote. The motion was second, unanimously approved.

Joe B. asked about getting a jump. The cost was identified as one obstacle and the acceptance on any body of water as the other major obstacle. Bruce does not believe a jump would have to be permitted by the state, only slalom courses at this time. Darlene pointed out that people go to 3-event tournaments to learn to jump.

The suggestion was made to hold next year’s meeting at a member’s house. No discussion ensued, as everyone was leaving.

Motion to end meeting at 10:01 p.m., seconded, unanimously approved.