Minutes 2003 (Approved)

Minutes of the Green Mountain Waterskiers Annual Meeting
Arvad’s, Waterbury, Vermont
April 26, 2003

Present: Paul Frascoia, Darlene McCormick, Tom Papp, Halle Davis, Joe Bourgeois and sons Cole & CJ, Mark Dingeman, John Witmer, John Ebert, Cathy Molloy, Sid & Joanne Davis, Bruce & Donna Epstein

President Mark Dingeman called the meeting to order at 8:15 p.m.

The Minutes from the last meeting on May 10, 2002, were moved, seconded and approved as posted on the website.

Treasurer’s Report
Darlene McCormick explained that the report is organized to show revenues and corresponding expenses for each activity. Tournaments are paying for themselves and generating profit for the club. All revenues anticipated last year were collected. The actual increase in treasury was $645.00, but the net was about $400 due to revenues from last year collected late and reflected in this year.

Question arose on payment for additional insured. Waterbury is the only place where the state requires permit for the course and requires to be listed as additional insured. AWSA has $1M policy, indemnifies State.

Treasurer’s report was moved by Halle, seconded by John, and approved.


Bruce Epstein reported that we do have a backboard.

Waterbury/ Wrightsville Status:
Discussion of course permits at Waterbury. Three sites are approved for two courses with a fixed location in the no-wake zone and the second course option at Blush Hill or East Arm. Course at East Arm is subject to backwash depending on water level. We would prefer Blush Hill being fixed and other sites optional. Bruce has requested a hearing to review permit, no date set yet. He presented document copies for review.

Water level return to normal and dam repair estimated complete 2006.

Phil Cutting reported (in advance of the meeting) and Darlene McCormick conveyed that the Wrightsville course is being set up with all buoy timing this year.

Slalom Derby June 28
Barefoot Blast July 12 (& 13 if needed)
Reservoir Dogs is August 23. Desire to have the tournament at Blush Hill location instead of Wrightsville.

Discussion of Gary’s suggestion last year that we should have a Vermont State Championship and have one of the tournaments be considered such. Bruce moved and Paul seconded Reservoir Dogs should be State Champ, approved.

Observer Law:
This is the fourth year the bill has been in the House Transportation Committee. We tried again. Dead again. Topher Sharp recognized for doing a lot of work. Sponsored by member of Transportation Committee. Try again next year.

Space for equipment, all at Bob & Val’s, will remain at Bob & Val’s.

The following slate of officers, same as last year, was proposed:

President – Mark Dingeman
Vice President – Paul Frascoia
Treasurer – Darlene McCormick
Secretary – Halle Davis
Safety Officer – Bruce Epstein
Special Events – Joe Bourgeois
Director-at- Large – John Ebert

John moved, Tom seconded, slate was unanimously approved.

Darlene, Treasurer, moved that a budget similar to this year’s budget be approved, with similar line items, striving to keep the account balance above $1,000 after tournament expenses are recouped with revenues, and allowing for special expenditures to be proposed at annual and/or regular meetings of the club. Paul seconded, approved.

Need to locate radios, Paul will locate, check Bob & Val’s, Roger’s or Joe’s.

Darlene moved to keep dues at the same amounts and method of payment the same, Paul seconded, unanimously passed.

Membership Drive:
No discussion this year.


Liability Insurance:
Darlene raised the topic of the liability insurance provided by AWSA to member clubs. It covers official practices of active members only, in the running of tournaments, too. Suggested keeping a log as necessary. Learn to Ski days would be covered by writing to AWSA in advance.

Sid asked if current bylaws are on the website. Darlene responded that they are, and are revised as of 5/02.

There were 26 paid memberships this year.

Discussion of whether any course maintenance or expenses were anticipated, Bruce reported no. Tournament course (Darlene noted like fine china) is in no need of repair. Users contribute to every-day courses.

Sid moved and Mark seconded, passed, that 20% dinner tip be paid from club treasury.

The meeting adjournment time was not noted, ___ PM.