Minutes 2001 (Approved)

Steakhouse Restaurant
Saturday, May 12, 2001
Fourteen members present

Roger Leduc, President, opened the meeting.

The minutes from the last meeting on March 31, 2000 were read and accepted.

The following topics were discussed:

A brief review of activities during the past year was presented.

Planned activities for the 2001 season are as follows:
Vermont Slalom Derby – June 23 – Wrightsville
Dogs River Classic – July 6 – Wrightsville
Barefoot Blast – July 7, 8 – Wrightsville

Bruce discussed the status of the Waterbury Reservoir. He has not received final approval
for the course but will put one in anyway. Location uncertain.

Roger gave an update on the condition of Bruce Granger who was injured in barefoot
jumping at the Barefoot Blast last year. The Club contributed $300 to Bruce to help with
his expenses.

Equipment Storage – Val and Bob Smith have everything except the old radios and the
P.A. amplifier. Sid has these.

Radios – Roger will purchase six (6) new radios at Costco for approximately $300.

The Treasurer’s report was read and accepted as read.

Dues will remain at $6 for individuals and $10 for family membership.

Entry fees for the Barefoot Blast and Dogs River Classic tournaments will be raised from
$30 to $35.

Wakeboard tournament – Mark Dingeman ran one three years ago. Judging could be a
problem. If someone wants or organize one, the Club would help.

Darlene wants members to post on our website.

New members – Everyone ought to solicit new members to join the Club since we
represent the interests of all recreational and tournament waterskiers.

A potential waterskiing site off Route 12 in Montpelier was discussed and deemed not

Future directions for the Club – We should consider a linkage with other clubs at some of
the smaller lakes around Vermont where there are active waterskiers. This would help to
increase our own membership.

Observer Law – We have nine (9) sponsors. We need to have the Transportation
Committee vote on it and move it to the Senate.

Darlene wants to amend the current bylaws in accordance with Article IX- Amendments.
in order to split the duties of Secretary/Treasurer. She will bring her proposal to the
membership at the next meeting.

Election of Officers:
President – Roger Leduc
Vice President – Paul Frascoia
Secretary/Treasurer – Darlene McCormick
Special Activities Director – Joe Bourgeois
Safety Director – Bruce Epstein
Halle Davis
Donna Epstein

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Sid Davis