Assets & Inventory

The assets of GMWS are available for rent to members for $50/use each, i.e. tent, generator, PA system.

Stored at Bob & Val’s:

1 starting dock with trailer (needs registration every two years, in Bruce’s name)
8 folding chairs
2 folding tables
1 GMWS sign – now two
compartment clipboard
1 tent in bag with 12 tent stakes, 10 tent poles, 1 sledge hammer
PA system with 2 speakers on poles
1 Optimus microphone in box
1 Optimus microphone loose
5 two-way radios with holders
2 masonite clipboards

Stored at Bruce & Donna’s:

slalom course and parts
backboard, neck brace
5 5-gal plastic gas cans

Stored at Darlene’s:

compartment clipboard
treasurer’s records