2018 Wrap-up

Hi Members,

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a great 2019! The Tom Costello/Alan Rossi State Championships was successful with great scores and conditions. Congrats to all our new State Champions (listed below). Thanks to all that volunteered to make our Tournament a success! The Tournament was again a stop on Justin Campfield’s North East Slalom Series, which is a seven stop five state tour that culminates in a head to head cash final. Points awarded are NOPS equalized to level the playing field so everyone has an opportunity to win. For more details visit the NESS website https://waterskitheeast.com/.

Our first Junior’s Clinic in July was coached by skiing legend Chris Rossi who graciously volunteered his time. It was great for Juniors to get inspired by Chris’s world class coaching. Thank You Chris! The Clinic was supported by GMWS, Junior Development Alan Rossi funds. Thanks to Justin Campfield and Bill Bruzzese for organizing the event.

Darlene McCormick has decided to retire from competitive waterskiing and her role as our Treasurer. Darlene developed and managed our website, as well as the East Region’s website, https://www.awsaeast.org. She has been dedicated to our sport and club for many years. She will continue as Treasurer until her term expires at our Annual Meeting this May. Thank you Darlene for all your time, effort, and dedication for so many years.

Vermont 2018 State Champs Division Score Speed Buoys
Carter Bruzzese B2 4@LL 19 16
Will Bruzzese B3 1@35off 36 97
Abby Campfield G2 2@LL 21 20
Adam Largess M2 2@35off 36 98
Justin Campfield M3 3@35off 34 93
Eric Dole M4 3@35off 34 93
Joe Bourgeois M5 3.5@32off 34 87.5
Karen Bruzzese W4 3@22off 34 75
Darlene McCormick W6 3@28off 32 75

Our Club is what we make of it. THANKS!

Bruce Epstein, President
13 South Pinnacle Ridge Rd
Waterbury, VT 05676

CELL: (802)272-5324

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