Remembering Alan Rossi

December 10, 1944 – April 21, 2007

Many of Alan’s waterski friends shared memories and thoughts of how Alan had helped them. These are interspersed below between some tournament photos from our archives and from Shep’s on SmugMug.

Alan, Connie and Gino
Alan, Connie and Gino at the 2000 Vermont Slalom Derby.

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Passing of Alan Rossi

With great sadness, we inform you of the passing of Alan Rossi on April 21, 2007. Alan was a friend and mentor to many, many people in the local waterski community and New England tournament skiing. He competed at the regional and national levels, was instrumental in Jamie Beauschesne’s career development, was the uncle of world-class skier Chris Rossi… His accomplishments and contributions go on and on… He leaves his wife Connie, daughter Angie, brother Mark, nephews Chris and Tony, father and many extended family members. Please see our tribute to Alan.