Waterbury Reservoir Update

(hope to have another update after 4/26/03 mtg.)

The State of Vermont began an earlier than planned drawdown of Waterbury Reservoir last summer based on a safety concern to reinforce the dam. The tournament normally held on Waterbury Reservoir is being held on Wrightsville Reservoir until work on the dam is complete. The water level was approximately 45′ below normal level throughout the summer of 2001. The reservoir was significantly reduced in size but still usable. The latest (but not yet guaranteed accurate) information is that the reservoir will be lowered an additional 25′ this summer reducing the surface area to less than half of last summer.

Observer Law

(may have more after 4/26/03 mtg.)

A few Green Mountain Water Skier members have worked hard to change Vermont’s observer law for 3 or 4 years. The proposal is to allow a rear-view mirror to be substituted
for an observer. In a poll of other states, we learned that 22 of 47 responding had a similar law. Carol and Ed Brown wrote an informative letter to our legislators. Continue reading